What Is Going On?

The amount of coincidences that has been happening in my life lately has been so unbelievable that I barely even believe it myself, which is why it will be hard to get anyone else to believe it. One of the biggest ones that I think helped me the most was the other day I was feeling very down, like the whole world is against me and didn't know who to turn to. While I was on my lunch break I had to go to the bathroom so I stopped at a supermarket on the way. When I walked into the bathroom there was a stranger in there, he asked how I was doing. I told him I'm hanging in there, he responded by saying, "well don't give up, we need you!". I was speechless, how could he know I felt like giving up? Who was this person? I don't think I will ever know, but it helped change my mood and outlook, but also makes me more paranoid and wondering who might be watching me. Another weird coincidence is I constantly seem to look at the clock when it is either repeated numbers like 2:22, 5:55, etc. or 11:11 or 9:11. What do these mean? I have been asking for help for a while now for someone to tell me what is going on that I don't know about, and haven't gotten an answer yet. If you know, please help me 970-689-0248
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Date submitted:Tue, 23 Oct 2018 20:13:13 +0000Coincidence ID:10122