Wha-hey Wilson

I was just reading the online METRO newspaper whilst watching London's Burning on TV. I read one story about anglers that mistook a basket-ball covered in barnacles as a human head. I posted this on facebook suggesting that maybe they'd found Tom Hanks's WILSON from his CASTAWAY film. At that moment the TV referred to 'Mr Wilson' as one character Mike Wilson was on trial on a car crash charge. Mike was subsequently found innocent. The Metro then informed me that an alcoholic drink had been made called 'Sachi' which was made from the whey left over from making Tofu. I suggested on facebook that the association with this name was perhaps a bad idea and suggested 'Wha-hey' as an alternative,taking into account what it was made from and what people are liable to say during drinking. As I did this,the characters on TV were celebrating Mike being found innocent of the charges and were doing some drinking,whereupon Mike remarked 'Wha-hey!". Perhaps Mr Wilson has access to my facebook?
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Date submitted:Fri, 01 Dec 2017 16:14:36 +0000Coincidence ID:9609