Were we meant to be ?

I met my future husband through local politics in London - he was a Councillor and I was a wannabe MP but for different parties. We kept meeting at hustings events and eventually went out for a drink. Anyway, various life things kept getting in the way and we didn't meet again. My day job was working for a corporate firm and we had a few suppliers to help with different things. A few weeks after I had met politucs bloke for a drink I got told by my boss that we were getting a new contract with a different supplier for something and told me the name of the account manager. I thought it was a strange coincidence that he had the same name of the bloke I went on a date with. Turns out it was the same bloke. Cue a few awkward work meetings and he asked me back out for a drink. We got on and started dating. Once it got a bit serious and we met each others families It transpired that his dad and my dad knew each other and had worked together - first meeting 43 years ago and before either of us had been born. Hubby's dad had also been a work associate of my Godfathers and the two were reunited after 25 years at our wedding.
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