Wedding lost ring on beach reappears two days later

In 1964 my family went on holiday to Lloret del Mar in Spain. I was seven years old and we spent many days on the beach, interspersed with day trips around the area. One afternoon we were getting ready to leave the beach when my father noticed he had misplaced his wedding ring, he would take it off before going swimming. We all spent a long time sifting through the sand to no avail, eventually giving up and returning to the hotel. Every evening the beach was raked by the hotel staff to keep it free of rubbish. The next day we went on a day trip to Barcelona. The following day back to the beach, late in the afternoon my father and I went for a swim and then returned to where my mother was sunbathing, I was sitting on the edge of the towel my mother was laying on smoothing the sand with flat of my hand, after one sweep of my hand a red bottle top was exposed, I picked it up and there underneath was my father's wedding ring
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