We both live the same life

am from Chennai,India. i was introduced to this girl named priya in start of the year......we started talking and months went by........slowy we started realising that we had tons of stuffy in common....but then these common things went beyond explanation. some of the stuff we both had in common are: i) our mother tongues were the same,which is pretty common ii) and in this world where even little kids have thier own electronic device........we both didnt have one of our own...both of us used our mothers mobile for texting. iii) we always came online at the same time.....this happened atleast 5 times in one day. iv) we both had the same sleeping behaviour. v) we had the same kind of chairs at our homes(our parents were related to each in no manner)....and we both had exactly just 2 chairs of that type.........this blew my mind. vi) both our grandparents were undergoing surgey.....although not on the same day it was within a span of 3days....and both of them were getting operated to fit the lens that was placed furing a cataract surgery years ago. vi) whats more crazier is that the tiles used in our homes were the same!!Both of us had white tiles with a few light brown designes. All this happend in a span of 3 months.... how is this even possible....... and the list of common keeps increasing day by day
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