Vacation coincidence

Two summers ago my husband and I were going on a tour of Germany and at the end of the summer we were taking our family to Siesta Key, which is right outside of Sarasota, Florida. I had made the arrangements right before we left for the tour and had searched things to do in Sarasota several times. While touring Germany we went into a restaurant which had a huge patio area in the middle. We walked around looking for a table, which people were sharing, and sat at one with this single guy who looked very German with his blonde hair and light eyes. Not knowing if he spoke English, we gestured to sit and he nodded a yes. We then said hello and he responded in English so we started a conversation. He was in the military and from the United States. He was so happy to talk to us since he had not been back home for quite a few years. Of course the next question was “what part of the US are you from?” ...Sarasota, Florida!
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