Urban legend coincidence

I'm from Penang, Malaysia and I used to attend English tuition in the British Council. Once we were tasked to come up with a magazine in teams, and I decided to contribute an article about horror stories and urban legends in local schools. One school, Chung Ling High School (CLHS), has a particularly notorious reputation for being haunted due to being used as a military base during the Japanese occupation. As I am not from that school, I went about asking others to find out more. One of my teammates is from Chung Ling Independent, which is located next to CLHS. She said that she has heard of an urban legend in CLHS regarding a non-existent class that keeps on appearing on the list of classes and seating plans durig school events. I also contacted a classmate from primary school who was then studying in CLHS to ask for more stories. I mentioned absolutely nothing about the urban legend my friend told me, but one of the stories he told me was stunningly similar to the urban legend my tuition friend said, but more detailed, and he claimed that it is true based on personal experience. The story goes that following a dragonboat accident which killed many students in their school (this tragedy really happened before and it was all over the news), the school decided to reduce the number of classes in that cohort by one and closed down one of the most affected classes. However, while that class should have been removed from the school admin system, it still shows up from time to time on various school documents, something observed by the majority of students. When pointed out to the teachers, they casually brushed it aside as an admin error, but the high frequency suggested otherwise. He further claimed that the next time I drop by (it is not uncommon for other students to go there for competitions and events) he could show me the classroon which had been locked up ever since. At that point in time nothing felt out of place, I included the story in the article and didn't give much thought to it afterwards. A few months later I was chatting with that classmate again. He then revealed that he was just pulling my leg and had fabricated the story. I calmly asked him whether he got inspired by the urban legend, but he replied confusedly that there was no similar urban legend circulating in his school. I later checked with other friends in CLHS and they confirmed that they had never heard about the urban legend before. Also, my tuition friend and primary school classmate do not know each other. I still find it very weird that the both of them would come up with such similar stories coincidentally.
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