Unlikely meetings

I have met people I know in unlikely places on multiple occasiones. I will list them below: 1. While travelling alone in Mexico, I was sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Merida when I heard someone call out my name. It was a man who had stayed for a short time at my former home in Madison Wi several years previously. Neither of us lived in Madison any more. 2. A former boyfriend of mine, was visitng Chicago. He was standing in line to buy ice cream at struck up a conversation with the woman in line in front of him. It just so happened that she was someone I had met at a music festival the year before. She was also just visiting Chicago on her way to Santa Cruz, Ca. He mentioned that he knew one person in Santa Cruz. It was me. She knew me too and had been trying to figure out how to get ahold of me as she knew that I lived there. This was all pre internet. My old boyfriend did have my address, so he gave her a postcard with my address to hand deliver it to me. She did. 3. On a trip to England, we arrived at Heathrow airport and ran into someone we knew fron our home town, Santa Cruz, CA., who was on her way back. We did not know she was in England and she did not know that we were. 4.Two months later, on the same trip, this time in Athens, Greece, I was walking down a busy road when I heard someone calling out my name. It was another friend from Santa Cruz who happened to be teaching a workshop in Athens. We did not know that each other were there. 5. One day I was walking down the street in Santa Cruz, when I saw a woman who looked very much like a friend of a friend I had met years earlier in New York. It was she. Her name is Meaghan. She had been looking for me in Santa Cruz but had no idea how to find me. (Again, this is pre internet.) She ended up staying with us for a few months before she moved into her own place. Years later we had lost touch again. She had left Santa Cruz and I didn’t know where she was living. I was at a local pool with my baby boy when in walked Meaghan with her baby boy. She happened to be passing through town and they decided to stop at this particular pool to swim with the baby. 6. We were en route from Ca. to visit family in Mn. We had a layover in Chicago O’hare airport, When we ran into a friend from Madison who was en route to Texas. 7. We got on an airplane in Mn., To fly back to Ca, when we heard our names being called out. Two friends from ca, who were flying back from Connecticut were already on the plane. Their flight had been re routed and we ended up on the same plane. 8. We were on vacation on the big island of Hawaii. We stopped at a roadside smoothie place. We were talking at a table when someone came from the back of the smoothie shop. It was the sister of one of my close friends (who had recently died). I knew that she lived on the Island but did not know where. She had heard my voice and recognized it. She happened to be helping out her friend who ran the smoothie stand that day. 9. I was driving from Northern to Southern California. I stopped in Santa Barbara to get gas and a snack. I got in line at the grocery store behind a woman who looked like someone I knew from Santa Cruz. I knew she had recently moved to Santa Barbara. I called her name. It was her. What I find so compelling about all of these coincidences is the sheer number of them that I have had. Anyone of them might be unlikely, so many of them, seems to signify something more!
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