Unlikely Meeting

When I was a freshman in college, I worked as a tennis instructor during my summer break back in my hometown. I worked with a girl named Tara, who I met once before when we happened to play against each other in high school. We worked as tennis instructors for the summer, then went back to each of our respected universities and never had contact again...until two years later. During my junior year I decided to study abroad in Wollongong, Australia. The very first day I arrived in Australia, some aussies took me and a group of people out to a pub, where we ordered our drinks and sat outside out on a long picnic table. A couple minutes after sitting down, someone said my name and I looked up. It was Tara, sitting across from me at the same picnic table! Turned out, she had transferred from her university to the uni in Sydney, and she was down in Wollongong visiting some friends. What are the odds?
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