Unlikely meeting

Aged 17, I set off to hitch-hike to the South of France from Manchester with a friend, to the consternation and anxiety of my mother. My parents were due to set out a week later with the rest of the family by car, and were due to meet me by the Med. I had made it as far as an obscure mid-France town called Tain l'Hermitage after being dropped there by a ride. My parents, having had no contact with me since my departure, had to pull off the Autoroute due to an unexpected need for fuel. They pulled off and made their way, quite by chance, to Tain l'Hermitage: I was walking down the street eating peaches, relishing my new found freedom, when who should pull up beside me but my Mum and Dad: my Dad demanded a peach, my mother ensured I was changing my underwear regularly, and then we parted.... Spooky!
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