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My name is Robert Jamieson and I emigrated from Glasgow to the United States in 1957. I enlisted in the United States Air Force and by 1959 I had attained the rank of Airman Second Class. My parents sent me Scottish newspapers and I read in one of them that a Scot from Ayr had emigrated to the United States and had enlisted in the United States Air Force and was then serving at a USAF base in England and had married an English girl. His name was Robert Jamieson and his rank was Airman Second Class. The gist of the story was that he had crossed the Atlantic twice to meet his future wife. I wrote to the newspaper and told them of the coincidence but they did not respond. THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE STORY! At the end of 1969 I received a posting to Labrador but decided to take a leave back in Glasgow. During my leave I met my future wife and after knowing her for only three weeks I went off to Labrador for 14 months. As I was posted in a remote communications site I was able to choose the area of my next assignment and I chose the United Kingdom and was assigned to a USAF base in Essex. By this time I was Airman First Class Robert Jamieson. When I arrived at my base I went to the Air Police to hand in a copy of my orders for security purposes. The sergeant looked in his files and said that he had all my details. A couple of days later my First Sergeant called me into his office and berated me for not registering with the Air Police. I explained that I had checked in but they already had my details. I think you can guess the rest. There were two Airman First Class Robert Jamiesons, both from Scotland on Wethersfield Air Force Base. In addition we both travelled the Atlantic twice to meet our future wives.
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