Unepected links with one of my brothers

My wife attended a forty year anniversary of her school year last Saturday. We still live in the area. Today she went to a yoga class, not her normal one but an earlier one for some reason. At the class she met one of the women she had met for the first time in forty years last Saturday. In discussion afterwards she told my wife that she had never been to this class before either. They then started talking about what they were doing now and it became apparent that she worked at the John Lewis shop in Trafford Centre. My brother used to work there so my wife mentioned this. It then became clear that my brother and her were close work colleagues for years. My bother lives in Salford, ten miles away from me. For only the first time in ten years of going to this class I had driven my wife there and after going to the dentist I picked her up so I was able to meet this woman, and talk about my brother to her. The second coincidence with this brother is as follows. Some twenty one years ago I got married for the second time to a woman who lived in Warrington (My family is from Bootle) she got along well with my family and the years passed , sometime about 15 years ago this bother was around at our house and my wife started to talk about her much loved granddad, whose name was Len O, telling my brother that he had worked at a large engineering factory in Liverpool,. My brother said , what a coincidence " I finished my engineering apprenticeship there". My wife asked did you know Len? Len!! said my brother he was the head of the apprentice school "He signed off my papers when I finished my apprenticeship" So the links between quite seperate lives in different parts of the NOrth West are all linked.
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