My cousin Martin often travelled to New York to visit auction houses to buy stock for his antique business in London. Once there, he hailed a cab to take him to his hotel. The cabbie (Alan) gave Martin his card and (like one does) told him to contact him again on his next visit, which he did. Martin used Alan for every trip and they became friendly, resulting in Alan and his wife Sandra taking Martin out to dinner before the end of one of his stays. (Like one does) Martin told Alan to contact him should he ever be coming to London as he would like to reciprocate dinner with his wife Helene. A year later, the four got together in London for the reciprocal dinner after which they were driving around and the conversation progressed to questions of the various areas of the Capital, as Sandra (the cabbie's wife) had a cousin in Finchley. Helene also had a cousin in Finchley. These cousins also lived in the same road, and to cut an extremely long story short, it transpired that Sandra's cousin and Helene's cousin were one and the same people! Now that the two women discovered the excitement of their unbelievable story that they were related, fast forward two years.....back in New York, Martin's brother Cyril hailed a cab. The driver just happened to be Alan and hearing the English accent told Cyril about the amazing story of what happened two years before about Martin and Helene, and Cyril was able to tell Alan that he was talking about his own brother!!! Two coincidences with one main core story!
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