Two Honeymoon Nights

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We have lived in London for over twenty-five years and for a fair part of that time have had lovely neighbours but one - Max and Kate. We have often met at parties and just passing in the street as well as sharing some dinner parties over the years. They came to us for supper one night recently and something started us talking about getting married and our honeymoons. We told them about our simple marriage and our reception for friends in our large flat in Edinburgh. We noted that we travelled north that day to Nairn for our honeymoon night and to stay in a lovely hotel in the town owned and run by dear friends of ours. They immediately said - "that's a coincidence our honeymoon was in Nairn too". We said where and they said - "it was a lovely hotel slightly quirky and beautifully decorated with a host with a kilt", Kate had read about it in a magazine and thought it would be a lovely place to stay - she couldn't remember its name however, but I could immediately tell her that it was the Clifton Hotel run by our good friend Gordon McIntyre with his lovely wife, Muriel, a potter. They remembered they stayed in a bedroom with a four poster bed - we were able to tell them that we had our honeymoon in that room too. We know that because there was only one four-poster as we had stayed there many times and that Gordon had made every room different in design, layout and decor. Although this was quite a few years apart it must be a coincidence.
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