I met X on a dating site a few years ago. Too many stories to go into about coincidences so I shall list them: Both born 090168, different sides of the county, but within 3 hrs Both had pets called 'cheeky', my hamster his dog Both have 2 brothers, one called Scott and Iain (albeit one is as a middle name) Both drive white cars Both have the favourite song Labbi Siffre 'Something inside so strong' Both 1/4 Irish and we both have Irish surnames Both our daughters have the same illness His son goes to the same college as my daughter and I go to the same university as his daughter Both put our new PJ's on on the same night from our daughters (different houses at the time!) Both our children sat their driving theory in the same month We come to laugh and now just accept these similarities when we see each other. I called him one day to ask how his shoulder was, but said back instead. He asked how I knew he had hurt his back the night before.
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