True Love?

I was 21. There was a concert happening in my local area, and my friend insisted we go to it. I had never actually heard of the band and was unsure if I should go. But she talked me into it and I was excited since they were apparently very popular. After the concert had ended, the drummer (Benji) came up to me and handed me his drumstick and wanted me to have it. It sparked a conversation between us. He then introduced me to his bandmate (Phil), to which I waved hello to and disappeared back onto the bus. When they left, Benji and I kept in touch for 6+ months. It ended, and within a period of time I received a message from his bandmate, Phil, that I waved to a year ago; I was unsure he even saw who I was since he left so quickly, but sure enough, he remembered me. Phil and I continued to talk for the next few years on and off and I considered him to be my first love. We are currently in different states and times, but throughout our relationship, there were so many coincidences where during the times we weren't together that I would be watching his favorite movie and he will text me. I would have dreams about him and he would call me. Just mentioning his name was enough for him to contact me. That went on for a couple of years. After things broke off (I thought was for good) 4 days later I met someone else. This new guy and I had been together for 8 months. I had no communication with Phil during that time, nor did I have him on any social media so he couldn’t have known anything; it was also the longest period I have gone without talking to him. But 4 days after I broke things off with my ex, Phil messaged me saying he misses me. Now I’m 24, we are still talking, our feelings still remain the same, it's like nothing has changed with us. There is probably a logical explanation for all of this. I just considered everything to be such a weird coincidence.
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