train coincidence

My sister was getting married and I had to catch a train north. It was many years ago in the days when you could catch any train, anyway I got to the station to find a train was leaving soon so I ran and just got into the nearest carriage. There was only one seat empty so I sat down. There was a gentleman sitting next to me and true to the English way no one spoke a word until we got one station away from my destination then the train stopped for no reason. Gradually conversations started up and I came to realise that the gentleman next to me was American. He told me he was from San Fransico I said that I had a relative married to an American and they lived in San Fransico. It turned out that he knew them very well - he was visiting his mother but when he got back home he would go and see them. Meanwhile I was able to tell the rest of the family at the wedding and also got in touch with my relative who was thrilled to hear about my coincidence on a random train ride home.
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