town coincidence

In the RAF I was once based in Digby north of Sleaford,and for a time went out with a local girl.When I left the RAF I eventually went to a college in Essex,and my colleagues on the course knew I went to Sleaford at the weekend.A few years later I became a salesman and one night was staying in a hotel in Sleaford(I had stopped seeing the local girl some years before).Over breakfast at the hotel the receptionist gave me a letter addressed "Simon Meek, Sleaford"The people who had been on my college course were having a reunion and the only idea they had about my wherabouts was that at one time I used to go out with a girl from that town.The postman had obviously used his initiative and tried the local hotels,and by pure coincidence I happened to be staying there for one night only because my home was too far away to drive to my customers in the morning."Of all the hotels in all the world" to paraphrase that film.
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