Too Many Loaves of Bread

My Italian grandmother, who we called Nan, was obsessed with having enough Italian bread for dinner. Every holiday, she brought a crazy amount of bread to my Mom's house. In October of 2000, Nan passed away. On the day of her wake (visitation), my family returned to my mom's house to have dinner between the afternoon and evening visitation sessions at the funeral parlor. We ordered from a local Italian restaurant. When the order arrived, my mom checked it to make sure everything was correct. As the delivery guy was leaving, my mom noticed there was another bag she hadn't checked. Thinking it was for someone else's order, she quickly opened it. Inside there was at least a dozen loaves of bread. More than a loaf per person. Definitely more than a restaurant would ever send for the number of entrees we had ordered. We always joke that Nan, even in death, was making sure we had enough bread for dinner.
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