Too many dates, numbers & names! Not Coincidence & want some understanding

me & my daughter both at the same time were dating guys birthdays June 3. one was born in 1962 & the other was 1985. My mothers b-day is April 9,1953 my boyfriends friend which is my enemy, his b-day is April 9th as well. My father died on April 18,1981 a day before easter My daughters dad died April 17, 2017 a day after easter. We became good friends with a guy before my daughters dad died, his name is Sean. My name is Shawn. His sisters name is Donna, So is mine. They both live in the same town. His dad also past away on Easter 2002. Phone #'s had the last four numbers the same for my daughters 2 boyfriends around the same time her father passed. I just think their is a messege their that I'm not getting & it is driving me to know . Please, if someone has any answers you can send me an email at or send me something on facebook under Shawn Timberlake in Picayune,ms. Thankyou!!! Hope to see what you have to say or see what u think!!!
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