During a commercial of Sportscenter, I reach over to my phone to start playing Wordscapes Uncrossed where you trace letters in a circle to identify the words those letters might form. These five letters made the word "blimp" and just as I traced them to form the word, the word "blimp" was spoken on the TV synchronized exactly to my tracing. This one simple example may seem easily explainable as coincidence (though not in my opinion), but this exact synchronous timing with seeing and hearing words simultaneously happens to me often, just as in my other example with "Garfield's". Another time I can remember when the latest Chili Peppers album came out I was giving it a first listen on the way to my cousin's house. Passing through the small town of Congress, AZ, there's a small fire station with a small, one-line scrolling led sign. As my vision landed on the sign, the words "Welcome to" blinked on the sign just as Anthony Keidis yelled those same two words at the beginning of a lyric. My attention had drifted from the music, and when the sign seemingly spoke to me, it startled me such that I was in a state of bewilderment for a few (long-lasting) moments. One explanation for this is simply that I am observant and this happens to everyone. The perfectly synchronous occurrence of less-than-common words has happened to me with such frequency that, as a reasonable person, it is ridiculous to simply say it's coincidence. My current working explanation is the law of attraction and that these words, with their same/similar energy, attract themselves to each other in my presence. I certainly realize how that sounds to most, but my life experience is teaching me that this is the truth of it. I could explain this further and more thoroughly, but I don't know that that's what you all are seeking from this endeavor. Keep your minds open
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