time lapse, long distances and amazing meetings

At about 5.45am on 8 November 2010, returning from a holiday in Singapore, I arrived at Heathrow Airport. After clearing immigration, I still had to catch a flight home to Scotland, so made my way to domestic departures. As I came out of a cubicle in the ladies' loo there, the next person waiting to go in was Muriel, a classmate of mine at North Berwick High School 1953-58. She had just flown in from Chicago where she had lived for forty years. I was catching the next flight to Edinburgh, Muriel a later one. At 2pm the same day, visiting my mum in the sittingroom of the care home she lived in, in North Berwick, I could also chat to Muriel's dad who was there for a fortnight's respite care. Anne
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