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In Christchurch NZ, in 2008, my father was throwing a party for his friends and as usual my family was invited. I asked to take a colleague from work. He had arrived in new Zealand in June 2006, a couple of days before my return from being away from NZ for 20 years. We had met through school (kids in the same class) and then later at work - same department at the Christchurch City Council. His in-laws were visiting form the UK and asked if they could come as well. At the party my father was talking to his mother in law and he dropped his wine glass. Turns out, she had been treated in 1963 at Fulham & Hammersmith hospital in the Renal department by a lovely New Zealand doctor who was on his consultancy training - a Dr Little. That was my father. She had been told not to have any more children up to that point but my father told her not to be worried and have more if she wanted. She had one more daughter - my friends wife.
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