Three at a time?

I grew up and went to school in Northumberland, in the north of England. At school, I was good friends with two girls, Debbie and Morag, who were best friends with each other. I didn't keep in contact with either when I left school and went to University, in Brighton, at the opposite end of the country. Four years later, I started a job in Kingston-upon-Thames, on the west side of London and over 200 miles away from Northumberland, and had forgotten completely about these two girls. One day, after work, I popped into Sainsbury's in Kingston to get some shopping done. Whilst wandering around with my basket, I saw a woman pass by the end of one of the aisles. 'That looked just like Morag' I thought, but dismissed it as I didn't get a really good view. A couple of minutes later, in another aisle, someone said 'Hello', and I turned round to see Debbie, who I'd obviously not seen for 4 years. We both said what a coincidence that the two of us should meet such a long way, and so many years, from our school. I mentioned that bizarrely, I'd just seen someone looking like Morag, and had Debbie kept in contact with her? She hadn't, she'd lost contact after school when they both went their separate ways. A moment or two later, Morag walked down the aisle, and met us both again. None of the three of us had seen or heard from either of the others in four years, and we met again within seconds two hundred miles away.
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