Three different coincidences

My boyfriend and I were both widowed in 2007 - he lives in Cornwall near Plymouth and I live in Devon about 12 miles from Plymouth. His oldest son (Simon) lives in America with his wife. In 2008 the son went, with his wife, to visit her aunt who lives in Canada. In conversation about the Simon's father's 'new girlfriend' it turned out that the aunt and I had been next door neighbours in 1975 to 1976. Another co-incidence:- Two of my late husband's siblings share the same birthday in October, but are 3 years apart. Yet another coincidence: Whilst holidaying in 2011 we visited Lady Elliott Island in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Whilst there we met a very nice couple from Switzerland. They returned to mainland Aus on Thursday, the day before we returned to the mainland on the Friday, back to stay with my boyfriend's parents. On the following Sunday we went to the Boat Club in Hervey Bay to have lunch and there sat the couple from Switzerland that we had met on the island. None of us knew we were all heading for Hervey Bay. Hope of interest
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