Thinking of my friend..

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While sitting at my desk working this morning, it came to my mind that I had had a dream last night about a friend whom I had grown up with. We were very good friends. We lived on the same street for a long time and then moved and went our separate ways as friends often do. I have not seen her in probably 15 years. I googled her name to see if I could find out where she might be these days. A link to her Mothers recent passing came up (she died 2 weeks ago) came up with an obituary. I haven't thought of her in a very long time and am not sure why I might see her in my dream. I have since reached out to her through the obituary and hope to hear from her so that I can express my condolences personally. I think everything happens for a reason and that having her in my dream brought me to her so that I could say I was sorry to hear of her Moms passing. I would not have known otherwise.
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