Is there a connection when family members die on the same day, but in different months and years?

I honestly did not know this until my mom told me, but her mom passed away on August 30, 1999; then my dad's mom passed away on October 30, 2007; and then my mom's day passed away on September 30, 2010. Is the above just a coincidence or could it be some sort of connection with the day 30? I will say I'm glad it didn't happen in order since that would have been freakier if it happened like August, September, October...I'm curious if it's possible if it could be some kind of anniversary date, or a potential birthdate on a relatives side of my grandma/grandpa that I'm not aware where they passed away before them. But I also believe in reincarnation; so I'm curious about that too. I just wasn't sure if there's any sort of meaning behind it or purely coincidental.
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