Telling me something?

This series of happenings took place in roughly a 12 hour span...beginning in the evening and ending the next morning. It was October of 2000 in Virginia when my then girlfriend gave me 2 books for my B-day. One was titled The Celestine Prophecy and the other was The new Rolling Stone encyclopedia of rock and roll. I opened the latter around 9pm that evening and started to read about Bob Marley...a favorite artist of mine. I then put the book down and turned on the tv. I surfed some channels until I landed on a PBS program about..who else..Bob Marley, his music, and Jamaica politics. I thought how weird that was as I was reading about him. I watched for a while then headed to bed. In bed I opened the other book and read some of the first chapter and browsed other aspects of the book. I recall where at one point it talks about coincidences and possible meanings. Again..I was thinking how weird was that! I then hit the hay. The following morning at around 10am I went for a run around a man made lake in Burke Va...I drove there. I walked down toward the trail and began to stretch on the ground. As I was stretching something shinny from the suns rays in the grass, caught my eye. I went over there and couldn’t believe my eyes! It was a $5 dollar Jamaican coin!! Really?? Here??Come on!! What’s all this trying to tell me? And no..I have never been to Jamaica. I still have the coin and books..but not the girl.
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