Telepathy or Synchronosity?

I retired from the Isle of Man Civil Service in July 2007. Shortly afterwards the Government State Pension Office wrote to say that they could not provide me with a projection or statement of my future State Pension entitlement because the regulation were about to change, but they would contact me in due course. I didn't hear from them again. With my State Pension becoming due in June this year I decided on Monday this week to phone the pensions office. The man who answered the phone asked for my name and National Insurance number. When I provided this information he told me that he had, that very morning, been preparing a letter informing me of my state pension entitlement and promptly was able to read from the letter he had in front of him. I could have phoned at any time in the last 4 years or next 4 months, but I phoned the day he wrote the letter!
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