Teacher/Pupil Reunion

When we were children in the 60s my father worked for British Rail where staff members were often peripatetic and so we moved twice in two years - from Stevenage to Mansfield, then Mansfield to Nantwich in Cheshire. The son of some neighbours in Stevenage was a friend of my brother and in the same class at school. My father started working in Crewe and one day, by chance, met this friend of my brother and it transpired his father was also working there. Not that unusual really, as the friend's father also worked on the railway and, as a railway town, lots of people came to work in Crewe. My father took the friend's address and phone number and promised that my brother would contact him when our family moved to Nantwich. In due course, David came to visit us at our new home (as it turned out on only that one occasion). I had got into the habit of borrowing my brother's bike and riding it around the small council estate onto which our house backed. There were lots of small culs de sac on this route which I used to cycle up and down. When I got to the top end of one of them there was a face I recognised - it was my brother and his friend's teacher from their time in Stevenage, just about to get in his car. I raced back to our house to tell them and they managed to get there in time to speak to him before he left. It transpired that his parents lived in Nantwich and he was visiting for the weekend. He was very shocked to see not one, but two of his former pupils from the school in Stevenage. The weird thing about this was the chance of both boys being together in Nantwich (as it turned out, only on this one day) and then the fact I just happened to be cycling down a cul de sac at the very moment their ex-teacher was leaving his parents' house.
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