synchronicity over a lifetime.

This applies to both Matt and Lora and took place within a year or at almost the same time: : Both first born, a year apart, left handers with partial color blindness. Both fathers musical and played the accordion. English not the first language - learned at time of school entry or just before. First language now forgotten or nearly so – English spoken with no accents. Moved to a new school in second grade. Sent to live with others for a year at age 7. Lora was sent from a farm to a town and Matt was sent from the city to a farm. Both have special memories of cap six shooters and playing cowboy with them. Both are greatly moved by music and can get weepy over it, and prefer dry humor Both are avid readers – neither cares for fiction. Both once married and had two children. One of each of the children have ADD - the dark haired first borns. Both the others, both blondes each went on to University and moved to British Columbia and each have one daughter sixteen years of age in 2017. Both found out about their color blindness on application for work. Both worked for CN at one time. Worked within 5 miles of each other at one point. Lora got her driver's licence in Brampton, the town where Matt lived. Both divorced after lengthy marriages. Both became atheist because of negative influence of the church, but still retain high principles and Victorian outlook. Both traveled to the west and settled within 500 miles of each other in 1997. Both currently suffer from sleep apnea at 73 and 74 years of age. Meeting: Both were on the same atheist debate site. Lora was blocked and, at random, chose Matt, his friend, to send a message to a debater in Thailand to let him know that she was blocked. The chance meeting was because of Tim - who lives on the opposite side of the globe. Consider that 82% of the population lives in the eastern hemisphere. Of roughly 6 billion people, one knew both of us. By chance, we began to talk with immediate feeling of familiarity on both sides - and this information came out during the course of the ongoing conversations. What are the odds?
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