Strange connections...

Hi, the first thing I was thinking about when it comes to coincidence is this story, enjoy! When I was 16/17 yrs old I went on holiday with my family, we went on a mule-trekking hol. to a small town in the mountains of Spain (sorry, I can't remember the name). One night I went to the local bar, there I met two other English girls a bit older than me. We got talking and I found out that they had gone to the same primary school as my new boyfriend; now for the coincidence/ boyfriend had grown up in another city (Peterborough) and was now in london, but even stranger, the school the girls had been at was an all-girls boyfriend had spent ( a brief) time going to this school because one of his parents had been working there! I think it was potentially unusual to meet these girls, as the small town wasn't at all a tourist destination, the mule-trekking was about it... but the whole going to school with my boyfriend/ it being in another city AND being an all-girls school has to be a statistically unusual coincidence. I'm now 45 and still I think of this strange event :-) I heard your (Dr Davids') interview on Radio 4 (12-3-18) and thought this might be worthy of your study ;-) Olivia P. (now in Oxford, U.K.) P.s: sorry this story doesn't really fit the below list)
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