Stepped on brothers foot on a train - hadn't seen him in 4 years!

My husband suddenly asked if I'd like to go to Covent Garden, London. "I'd love to", "Then let's go now". Traveled by train, had a lovely afternoon, and came back in the rush hour via Stratford, where Terry had lived as a child. I found a seat near the window, Terry a few seats away. As I got to my seat I trod on a gentleman's foot opposite, and started to apologize, but he had his eyes shut and appeared to be sleeping. I looked again, and signaled to my husband "That looks like your brother Charlie". He looked, "It is!!" The person next to Charlie got out and Terry sat next to his brother and pushed him on the arm. "Hi Charlie," he said. Charlie was amazed, not quite sure if he was in a dream. "What are you doing here, I thought you were across the Atlantic!" "Yep, but we are home to visit". An amazing coincidence that was truly lovely.
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