spiritual connection?

My mother had passed away and I was sitting alone in the garden trying to come to terms with the fact that the house I had been born in would now , 47 years later, have to be sold. I would no longer be able to sit in the garden which my mother had cherished and where I had had so many wonderful times as a child. As I do when I am upset, I texted my daughter to say how sad I was about this. She replied immediately saying that she was watching Casualty and the music playing on the programme was what we had chosen for my mother's funeral due to her love of the garden and the birds - Blackbird by Paul McCartney. This is just one of many co-incidences I have experienced but this is probably one of the strangest and possibly most unlikely due to the unusual nature of the music which is rarely played, the chances of my daughter being somewhere where Casualty was on as it is not a programme she or I watch normally etc I have been aware of co-incidences happening in my life for many years and told friends about incidents - I am no longer surprised when it happens but they are, especially if it happens when I am with them. I read an article about it many years ago in the Independent and I think the author of that article said people should not be surprised by it because of studies into probability rules which could explain it so I have tried not to read any more into it. Although after a series of incidents about five years ago, I looked into it as much as I could via the internet eg Carl Jung and Freud discussed it apparently - Jung convinced Freud who was a sceptic that this could happen by predicting an incident which then occurred. I bought a book about Jungs beliefs and have tried every now and again to find out more about what he called 'syncronicity' but without much success or further understanding! I think there is also an element that I would like to think it is something special and not something that can be explained necessarily mathematically.
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