The Specials

On the way to work one day, I played a one track live mix CD in my car. It was made several years prior by a friend of mine who is an MC /DJ. I put it in the CD player as I was leaving my driveway and it played for about 5 minutes before I stopped and turned the car off at a local petrol station where i picked up a car-sharing colleague and bought a coffee. Got back in the car and hit the motorway. It was late winter and was snowing for the first time that season. I had had a bit of an awakening a few days earlier and was discussing synchronicity with my friend, as a song by the Specials came on in the mix, a song called Blank Expression. The opening line is "snow is falling all around, 7 o clock and the roads are dark". At this exact moment I glanced at the clock and it was indeed 7 o clock and was snowing heavily on this dark winter morning.
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