South African coincidences

I travelled to South Africa on my own in 1976 taking up residence in Johannesburg. Two months after arriving I met my future husband Michael when we went to meet him off the squash court at Wanders Country Club. It transpired that he had been brought up in Hong Kong and that his parents had been close friends with the parents of my close friend Evie from my boarding school in England, Berkhamsted. The fathers were both doctors at the medical school in HK. Shortly after we met I was introduced to Michaels best friend Tony and his girlfriend Liz. Soon after, while looking for a job, I went into an employment agency and met another girl Rowena I had been also been at Berkhamsted with, and hadn't seen for eight years. It transpired that she was in the process of buying a car off Liz! And the coincidences don't end there. A month or so after this I went to meet Michael at Wanders again. He had just met up with a friend Roger who had moved into the house Michael had lived in on Jersey before he went travelling. They knew each other but both were unaware that Roger had moved into the house that Michael had vacated, and neither was aware they had both come to South Africa until the moment they met on the squash courts. Roger was engaged to to Sally who had also been.... to Berkamsted, but a year above me. Michael shared a house with David and Gilly who became close friends. After we were married we moved to a small holding and while there working as part of a co-operative shop I met a lady called Anne who lived close by and came from Kenya. We discovered that her son had been taught by Gillys mother, a teacher in Kenya, where they had lived fifteen years previously. Gilly, Ann, Roger and Sally all became my children's godparents. My children were both born on the fourth of the month. Sometime after my mother gave me her confirmation cross, the date on it was 4-4-41 my sons birthday is 4-4-84 and my daughters 4-9-81.
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