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Two days ago my daughter and I were on a drive to a little insignifant Belgium village. I go there frequently to buy lottery tickets so I knew certain landmarks. Out of the blue and for no reason at all I said "oh there is Cranenbroek" (known to me only through googling for garden furniture). My daughter said " who and what is Cranenbroek." I explained in short and we chatted about other things. We did our shopping which also was quite weird because here we were in a "one horse town" and the shop had absolutely everything we needed. Now on our back to The Netherlands (we live close to the Belgium border) she said "mom, here is another Cranenbroek." I explained that the one in Belgium was the distribution centre, the one in Holland where goods could be personally collected. All rather insignificant really (just idle chatter). Now here is the weird coincidence: the next evening my daughter and her partner were dining out (first time after lifting of Covid restrictions) with a lawyer friend. Suddenly he started talking about a high profile case he was occupied with at the moment. It is highly prohibitive for a lawyer to discuss their clients business in private circles but for some reason he did and mentioned the name of his client Cranenbroek. My daughter responded and said " oh yes the company in Hamont-Achel." All present were astounded that she knew of the company and where the company was situated. I must add that the company is large but not well known at all for some reason. Add to the fact that the Belgium town is in the middle of nowhere and equally obscure. My daughter saw the astonishment and said rather matter of factly "all roads lead to Hamont-Achel" upon which the conversation changed to another subject. I believe this is a weird coincidence without any causal effect. Beverley Saunders.
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