Small World

Towards the end of 2011, a letter from BT arrived at my address in Cambridge advising someone who does not live, and has never lived, at my address that her directory details were being amended. I had not been a BT customer for over 20 years, so I was puzzled and telephoned BT, to no avail, before returning the letter to them with a note asking them to check their customer's address etc. However, a couple of weeks later a similar letter addressed to the same person arrived. Once again I returned the envelope to BT. Shortly before Christmas 2011 a telephone bill arrived, addressed to the same person. Opening it I was able to get the customer's telephone number from the bill. I telephoned her to ask if she was expecting a bill from BT and to to find out the correct address to send it to. It transpired that she lives in Lanarkshire, Scotland. In the course of our 'wee blether', I mentioned that my sister lives in Scotland, having moved from England many years ago, and is currently living in a tiny village of around 200 people just north of Perth. My new friend said she new the village as a friend she had known for many years, since they were guides together, also lives in the village. And the coincidence? - my sister knows my new friend's old friend very well as they live just four doors apart in a close of eight properties!
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