Small World

In 2009 we lent our Mazda campervan to Simon & Kerrie from New Zealand and in the following January we used their Toyota campervan in NZ. The internet forum specific to the Mazda we own has several NX members and one who learned where we would be based (Lake Rotoiti near Rotorua) said he would try and meet up with us as he only lived about an hour away - but in the end it didn't prove possible to meet. About 3 months after we returned Simon and Kerrie were looking to buy another car and wanted a Toyota Harrier and found one for sale in Katikati about a hour away from where they live. They drove up to view the car and noticed a Mazda parked next to it on the drive. After trying the car and agreeing to buy it Simon mentioned to the seller that they had borrowed one just like it the previous year in England. "Ohh you must be the couple with the cabin on Lake Rotoiti then" said the seller. The only 2/3 people I know in New Zealand and who live about 70 miles apart managed to meet each other
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