In Sicily the name is as common as is Jones in Wales

I'm Alan Merryweather and have lived in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England for 26 years and on 4 or 5 occasions when having been asked by motorists for directions I’ve offered to get in the car and take them there as it’s easier than trying to describe the route.<br /> About 2 years ago an American leaned out of his car asking for help. We drove there, and later I walked them around to view the best houses.<br /> I’m a keen family historian so am very nosey about names, occupations and places. As we entered Cecily Hill I asked the lady where they came from, and she said Spokane in Washington state.<br /> I told her that I have a friend who I believe was brought up there and that her father had been a doctor. She asked me for the surname and I told her. She stopped abruptly, stared at me with a strange look in her eye and opened her handbag (purse) and showed me her credit card. The surname was identical. <br />
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