The Scorpio.

10 years ago I was working for a company but I did not like my job. I started considering to go back to University to attend a Master degree. But this would have meant to quit the job and to use all the savings I had. My partner suggested me not to be silly and to keep working. In his opinion I was going to leave a certain future for uncertainty. I was therefore very hard fought: to quit or not to quit? Then, 5 days before the deadline for the application's submission at University some coincidences began to happen. The first day I was on a queue and the person in front of me was wearing a jacket with a scorpio printed on the back. The day after while at the gym I saw a person with a tattoo on his arm: a scorpio again. The third day I was laying on my bed. I turned my head on the right and I found on the wall a real scorpio. I had never seen and never saw again a real scorpio in my life. (Moreover it has to be said that I was not living in countryside, but in a city). My zodiac sign is Scorpio. I read these coincidences as the sign that I had to do what the most intimate, not the most rational, part of me wanted. I quit the job and submitted the request at University.
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