Scoot on as scooters do

When I was 11 years old I was over a friends house playing. I rode my razor scooter over to his house that day which was one of my favorite toys. At some point his dad came home and yelled up the stairs that he’s sorry for whoever’s scooter was out front because he had ran it over. I was so upset and hoped he was joking with us but I went out front and there it was mangled....they never offered to replace or even compensate at all which stuck with forward 16 years...still young at heart and enjoying the thrill of being on wheels me and a friend approached a bike shop on our bikes because he needed to replace his tire I waited outside where two kids on scooters were talking about their scooters and their new gear ...then I thought back to all my memories from the days Of scootering and that day when I was 11 and my friends dad had crushed my favorite and that friend grew apart at around 14 and I haven’t talked to him since 18 years old or seen his father...I am now 28 ..after my flashback to the days of scootering my ex friends father walked right out of the bike shop ! Gave me a look of resemblance and uncertainty but kept quiet and proceeded to get in his truck here I am 17 years later just another random day with random choices and no intentional path i encounter kids on scooters indulge in the nostalgia of them and have a flashback to only have the man in my thoughts walk out of this random bike shop with nothing in hand “what are the odds” this coincidence was strong and really had me contemplating the laws of life
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