School friends sister

I arranged a business meeting when I was working in Manchester with someone who had recently moved there from London. I had never seen this person before and only knew them by reputation. As I walked into the room with my PA I commented that a woman in the restaurant looked just like a school friends sister. This turned out to be the person I was meeting. When I mentioned this to her she relayed that a few years before she was approached by a fellow student at university because she looked like his sister and subsequently went on to have a relationship with him. This man turned out to be my school friend.
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I was walking around my home town shopping when, as I turned a corner I bumped into a young woman - I apologised and walked on. This bump happened 2 more times and we both smiled at the coincidence. The next day I drove to Manchester and parked in the street. As I opened the door a young woman tripped and fell against it. I helped her up and it was the same woman from the day before. She was clutching a piece of paper and asked for directions as she had an appointment. It turned out she was looking for my address and the appointment was with me

I posted on a fairly specialist forum based in America about an event I am holding and it's location - a quiet village in the Yorkshire dales. A member from Dubai said that he got married there in 1989. I married there in 1991- there have only been 6 weddings there in the last 30 years.

I traveled to Suffolk to meet some elderly customers about a project. Whilst talking he said he had received a photo from an old schoolfriend who had tracked him down, but unfortunately couldn't recognise anyone. I, however, could. One was my neighbour back in Yorkshire. As I left I asked directions to a nearby town where I had a further meeting. It turned out this person I was meeting used to work with him in London.