School friends and Ealing

At school in Sussex there were 5 girls and 8 boys in the sixth form. After school I came to live in Ealing - I discovered the house I moved to was a few doors from that of Mary's grandmother and aunt. And that both Peters had been born in Ealing, one in a house opposite my friend's. Lesley and one Peter moved independently and live close by each other in Shropshire. Subsequently Pat moved to Oxford near to my son. And Gill's brother Rob now runs a choir in Rome, in which my Ealing friend Helen sings. Furthermore two others from school moved to Ealing, having married people from here, one living around the corner from me for many years, the other close by. That's just for a start - there must be something about Ealing. I have two friends here whom I met independently - turns out they worked in the same office in Paris. And a lady who just joined our exercise class worked at the consulate in Florence - with a sister of one of them. And when I lost touch with an old school friend at age 13, she contacted my mother in Sussex when she returned to England from having lived in Switzerland - and we were living 5 minutes away from each other in Ealing. And so on..............
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