school and canal boats

In 1992 my husband & I commissioned a narrowboat from the Calcut Marina, nr Napton Warwickshire. After it was fiited out we arranged a mooring at the marina next to an old narrowboat and found the owner (ian) had attended the same school (William Morris Technical School) as we had in Walthamstow, London. Ian was some years older than us and had been there in late 1930s. My husband had left in 1949 and me in 1956, so none of our paths had never crossed. We lived in Hampshire and Ian (now deceased) lived in Sussex. Ian & his wife eventually sold their boat and it was moved away. The berth was taken by a new boat being fitted out by its owner. He (Blaine) turned out to have been a teacher at the same school in the 1980s. Blaine lives with his partner Gerry (Geraldine) whereas our names are Elaine & Terry. So how's that for coincidence?
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