Scary sister Migraine.

Just recently, I got sent home from work after suffering from the symptoms of an artefact migraine. I had distorted vision, which I have experienced before, but only a couple of times and the last time would've been well over a year ago. Anyway, on top of the distorted vision, I also had this weird thing going on where I couldn't think of the correct vocabulary. The words that I wanted to express just wouldn't come out of my mouth. I was stuttering, trying to grasp for words, and then I even started saying random things! This was a new experience for me! It was scary. So, I got sent home from work. Which is also very rare. A friend from work posted on my Facebook page later on, enquiring after my health, which my sister saw and tried to get in touch with me. When we spoke, it turned out that she had exactly the same experience about 1 hour after me. We live in different cities. She doesn't usually suffer from migraines either, we are both generally very healthy!! How bizarre. Mhairi W
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That is scary, I have heard of people surfing just one time and then never being able to walk again! scary stories