Sauza Tequila incident

The Place on Paces was a great bar in the 70's in Buckhead (ATL). One full-moon Friday night after Thanksgiving, with college kids home from school, a fight broke out in the hallway to the "ladies" restroom. The hallway wall was common with the back bar wall. As the combatants repetedly bumped against the common wall, bottles of liquor on wood shelves were disturbed. I was at my station, mixing drinks for the enthusiastic folks two and three deep at the bar. I noticed something flying throught the air by my right shoulder. There was an explosion, much like a shotgun blast. A bottle of Sauza Gold tequila had landed on the uneven 1910 concrete floor with such force that the plastic cap was forced off and propelled into a lead ceiling tile, where it remained. The crowd cheered as I poured shots for them "on the house". Someone asked, "How many bottles would we have to push off the same shelf in order to have one survive the fall again?"
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