Sarah Kelly

My 18 month old son, who was already a very chatty soul, was travelling in his pushchair across the nave a Gloucester Cathedral. Two women were walking towards us, one approximately mid sixties, the other around 50. Both had light hair. OH....exclaimed my son, pointing, in a really animated fashion... "NINA....NINAA!!!...Look mummy, NINA!" ( My sister in law WAS called Nina but she was dark skinned and dark haired, 36 years old and of Asian descent.) I replied "No, my love, THAT's not NIna".....and continued walking. Suddenly, from behind us, one of the women called, "Did your little boy call my friend "Nina"?"....I told them that he had, and said that he got confused, and that I could not work out why.... She interjected, immediately..."BUT, my friend, SHE IS CALLED...NINA!" WHAT is the chance of that?
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This also happened to my daughter Layla. She was walking along a busy city street when a woman holding a baby came along towards her. As they passed, the baby turned around and said 'Layla!' straight into my daughter's face!

My other daughter, when aged about 12, was out with me one day at a summer event when a toddler rushed up and grabbed her round the leg, shouting 'Mummy! Mummy!' The child's father came across and untangled him, with difficulty, and apologised profusely. He had no idea why the child had picked on my young daughter as she didn't resemble the mother, who was thereabouts somewhere. They'd all been together a few minutes before. Mysterious.