Same Two Songs.

Alright so this might not be as amazing as I think it is but here we go. Many years ago, around 2012-2015 all I listened to was this beautiful but sad Pandora station that played piano music. I usually let it play in the background of what I was doing but for some reason whenever this one song would come on I'd always take a look to see where this beautiful music came from and the album cover was always from the movie "Amélie". I had never heard of this movie nor did I ever pay attention to the name of the piece but I promised myself that I'd one day watch this movie. Fast-foward a couple of years which would be now, 2017. I started to play this virtual game a couple of weeks ago where you role play living in a city with jobs and everything with people around the world. In this game you can be a musician so sometimes there would be a playable piano. You'd play using the letters on your keyboard. The piano also had sheet music teaching you how to play an array of music, One song I had found was named "Amélie". The name of the song was very familiar to me but I did not recognize the song. I would spend 30 minutes trying to master this song and whenever I'd get the chance I'd always play that one song. Well I have met a guy on this server who I have become very good friends with and also really like. He is on the other side of the world from where I am. One day we were talking about this piano app and he would play songs from it and I would have to guess the name of it. After many songs he started to play this song that had sounded very familiar to me but I could not remember the name. We ended up bonding over how much we both love this song and have listened to it a million times in the past. He ends up telling me the songs name was "Endure". Well today I decided it was about time to watch this "Amélie" movie since I had the time and it turns out the song that I would constantly check to see where it was from was "Endure" all along. "Endure" and the "Amélie" song ended up being the main two songs that played throughout the whole movie.
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