The same ship name

My Uncle Jim, with whom I share my name, was torpedoed and sunk twice whilst serving in the Merchant navy in WWII. He never talked about this but my father mentioned it briefly once and I knew nothing of the circumstances. Recently I was researching our family history and after help from the National Archives I at last discovered the ships he served on. The second sinking was of the ms ADDA, an Elder Dempster passenger liner which in the early hours of the morning of 8 June 1941 had been the lead vessel of a convoy which had been dispersed en route to Liverpool from Africa. It was hit aft by a torpedo from U-107 and sank slowly 82 miles west-south-west of Freetown. The commodore of the convoy and seven crew members and two passengers were lost. On 77 years later we visited Milan and on 7 June 2018 took a train to Lake Como and a ferry to Bellagio. The ferry was called ADDA. It turns out that the Adda is a river which empties into Lake Como but why a Liverpool ship had that name is unclear.
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